Jennifer Jonas

Jennifer Jonas is an accredited music therapist with over twenty-five years of experience working with young children and seniors. She began her music studies in her home country of Canada and then pursued her graduate studies at Michigan State University.


Jennifer returned to Toronto, where she set up her first private practice. It was there she made her professional recording Reminiscence featuring songs from her work in palliative care. In Toronto she was interviewed by Peter Downie, long time host of CBC TV and radio, and featured in his book called Healers at Work.


In 1998 Jennifer’s family moved to Huntsville, Alabama, where she continued her music therapy work with children and seniors. In 2013 she began sharing her music therapy stories on her local classical radio station, WLRH. She is a regular contributor to the Sundial Writers program. Sharing her stories on the radio inspired her to fulfill a dream of writing her own book, Touching Lives, One Song at a Time.