Jennifer Jonas


The author captivates the human spirit through sharing her music therapy stories where she reaches her terminally ill clients, those living with Alzheimer’s and children with special needs.


Praises for Touching Lives, One Song at a Time:


“Jennifer’s appearance at the entrance to the kitchen would bring instant delight to mom’s eyes and a huge beautiful smile to her face. It was the highlight of her week. Jennifer has a way of bringing joy, clarity and awareness back by drawing from the memories she discovers, tirelessly, patiently and with heartfelt kindness and then sharing them again and again and again. I also loved her sessions since mom was such a happy camper by the time she finished!”


— Kathleen Sweeney


“Jenny’s therapy touched the lives of each member of our family. She taught my special needs daughter essential developmental skills, helped my father remember some dear memories that were lost, comforted my aging mother and sang at the funerals of all three. Her gift of music brought tears of joy and comfort to all of us.”


— Valerie Jones


“Jennifer’s music therapy reached my mom deep down in her soul. We thought we were giving mom a gift, but it turned out to be a gift to all of us!”


— Michelle Buchanan

 “Jennifer is one of those special people. Not only did she always have a smile, but she could bring smiles and singing out of everyone in the room. Her songs energized the room, everyone sang!”

— Wayne Koswoski


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